Help Us Spread The Word Via Social Media

For the past several weeks DU Alums, students and fans have been working behind the scenes on a project to build attendance at the Mile High Tailgate Event and DU Lacrosse game against Duke.  Now you can help us as well.

Post the link to the Mile High Classic Website and encourage your friends, co-workers and acquaintances to attend the events on Friday, April 27th.  Use Facebook, Twitter, texting and other social media forums to spread the word.

Lets work together and make this event the largest attended DU sporting event in the past 50 years.


dggoddard said...

Guessing the record in the last 50 years for an event in Denver would be the 18,000+ at McNichols that witnessed the DU-CC Denver Cup game.

I've heard that DU is projecting a crowd in the 5,000-8,000 range which IMO is way too low for an event that has so much potential.

Anonymous said...

That was 16,000+ at old McNichols for DU vs CC in late 1995.

This lax doubleheader has good potential, but the late DU start eliminates a lot of families from the crowd.

I would have started this DH at 4 pm and 6pm - the problem is TV.

dggoddard said...

To me the late start is a bonus. People have time to leave work, fight traffic and make it out to the game on time.

IMO people wouldn't think twice about taking the kids to a Broncos game at 8 PM if they had tickets.

Perhaps the late start is an issue, but they could always catch half of the Penn-UVA and half of the DU game and be home by 9:30.

Anonymous said...

People wouldn't think twice about taking the kids to a Broncos game at 8 PM because it is professional football. Football rules the sports scene in Colorado. LAX not so much. I think 5,000 would be an incredible feat with so many other events going on at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I can see the kid factor and it might hurt attendance. Saturday would seem like the better option.

With that said, I don't have kids and the late start time means I can cheers to the late start time!

Just the facts said...

Most regular people have a "life". They include such things as children activities, family obligations, a job, etc.

Inspiring a "lax"adaisical fan base and alumni, promoting an unofficial logo would be things that people with a "life" would not be doing.

Good luck trying to inspire normal folks to attend an "elitist" school's sports event that most people don't understand or care about.

The lure of smug conversation or picture taking with a life-size doll may pull them away from their everyday lives but I wouldn't bank on it.

timt89 said...

Troll...just the facts.