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Friday, April 27, 2012
Virginia vs Penn
5:30 PM MT

Duke vs Denver
8:00 PM MT

Mile High Classic Website

$12 Tickets @ Groupon

Thanks to an alert reader, we found out about $12 General Admission tickets available from Important to note that these tickets will not be available after midnight on Saturday, so you have less than three days to complete the purchase.

Buy a fistfull before then and invite some friends to the game. You will have to pick up the tickets on the day of the game, there is a maximum of 8 tickets  and your entire group will have to be present to enter the stadium together.


Anonymous said...

Groupon has a deal on tickets for the Mile High Classic, fwiw...

dggoddard said...

Thanks for the heads up. I posted a link.

dggoddard said...

All the "Corral" Seats on the sideline have sold out.

There is one "Field Box Suite" left at Mile High . Although it costs $500 for ten people, its actually a pretty good deal compared to buying 10 seats in the stadium and paying the Ticketmaster fees.

How often do you get to watch a game from the sideline of an NFL stadium?

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