Photos: Tailgating At Mile High

(above) JoJo The War Drummer fires up the crowd at the Tailgate
(above) The pregame tailgating lasted five hours
(above) Rocking the Red Bull Hummer
(above) LetsGoDU support staff hoists Boone onto the RV
(above) Getting an early start in front of the LetsGoDU Express
(above) Unloading 25 cases of soft drinks, water & beverages
(above) Boone DJing in the Red Bull Hummer


Anonymous said...

I would estimate 500 DU students came to the tailgate. It was a raging party,,,,

Anonymous said...

Damn, is that the Lets Go DU Tour Bus - or the Girls Gone Wild bus? Nice piece. Boone sure knows how to roll!!!

dggoddard said...

I saw many alumni milling around as well especially closer to gametime.