Take DU Athletics Fan Survey

The University of Denver Athletic Department is conducting a fan survey. If you attended a DU sporting event in the past year, this is your opportunity to speak up and have your voice heard. 

The survey only takes 5-10 minutes and covers a wide variety of game night questions. Your information will be kept confidential and aid DU in improving your game day experience. 

As an incentive for your contribution, all entries will be eligible to win a $50 DU apparel gift certificate to the DU Athletics Team Store. The winner will be contacted by email, so a valid email must be provided at the conclusion of the survey. This survey will close on April 30.


dggoddard said...

Great opportunity to mention Boone, Pep Band, Food quality, LetsGoDU and game night experience.

Boonetown said...

Did mine last night. Mentioned Boone a couple of times.

I also wanted to have scores and standings from other sports too.

They'll only see what they wanted to see. Any reference of Boone will be completely ignored regardless of how many surveys mention him.

Anonymous said...

You better believe I was sure to mention my weekly Dirrehia bouts from eating those god-awful foot-long botchilism-covered Pioneer Dogs. Every year, I never learn my lesson. It starts off as a good idea but never ends that way. I think they warm them halfway through at noon on gamedays, then leave them under a heat lamp. The bun is ALWAYS stale and falls apart in your hands. I'm always tempted to ask them to throw it in the microwave for 30 seconds. GROSS. But after 2 periods of hockey and 3 beers..... you gotta do what you gotta do; you get hungry, ya know? But bot oh boy - the next morning...it's just not a good situation.

Anonymous said...

The Paella and Empanadas are great but you can only get them at the Crimson Club concession on the East Side of Magness.

Anonymous said...

My other issue is the fact you can't bring food into Peter Barton Stadium....please a outdoor stadium...I mean you can bring food and drink into Coors Field which I did on opening day...and no drinking fountain down at the stadium either. So when I do want to fill up my water bottle, I have to hoof it up to the arena to go to the drinking fountain!

timt89 said...

I don't worry too much about the circuses (food, bands, etc...), just keep up the good facilities, hire great coaches, and bring in good, talented kids.

It is clear that the lacrosse stadium is going to need to be expanded because the current capacity is inadequate.

There is no doubt that the athletic department is moving in the right direction.