Boone Hockey Jerseys Finally Available

You asked for it and they are FINALLY available.  You now can purchase a piece of history.

The first embroidered Boone hockey Jerseys ever produced.  There are countless combinations;  red, gold or white Jerseys with either Pioneers or Denver stitched above Boone on the front.

Available in six sizes from Small to XXXL.

The company can also sew names and numbers on your jersey.

Allow up to two weeks for your jersey to be custom manufactured and 3 to 5 business days for the items to be delivered by UPS.


BringBooneBack said...

Awesome, awesome, AWESOME! The jerseys look fantastic. Received my black hoodie from the company and very happy with the quality. Thanks for getting this out to the Boone masses, DG!

Go DU - whup some Loyola this weekend and enjoy to the Final Four.

ayoungerdu said...

I think I just fainted at the sheer epicness of this!

Anonymous said...

Any chance that T shirts will be available somewhere at some point.

I still HATE the back to back hockey champs t shirts that I have with the stupid bird on them...