Boone Named Best Mascot In College Lacrosse

(above) Boone was seen on ESPN yesterday
Boone showed up on ESPN's Lacrosse Tournament Highlight Package after the championship game on Sunday.  The Boone footage was captured during DU's NCAA Quarterfinal game in Navy's football stadium last week.

Al Franyo, who runs a large college lacrosse site in Baltimore on Facebook, mentioned that Boone is now the best Mascot in all of college lacrosse.


Anonymous said...

Boone has made a lot of visible impact on the lacrosse world with his trips to Baltimore and Annapolis in the last two seasons.

He probably took more pictures with fans in those two places than anywhere he's been outside of Denver.

Champ said...

My friend's cousin's uncle runs a blog about blog about 50 year old, no-life, wanna-be college students. He's made DG his man of the year....way to go DG!

It must be the exposure you get playing with life-size dolls.

5BWest said...

We spent time with Boone in Baltimore last year. He was great. Very busy with the fans, taking pictures, and posting on Facebook.

Great job - and no surprise!

Anonymous said...

Pretty amazing to go from non-existent to lax mascot of the year in a 3 or 4 year span. Great work by all those involved.

Tanjii said...

Must be boring up in North Dakota this time of year.

miller said...

I wonder if Chancellor Coombe was watching ESPN this weekend. Probably not.