Saturday, May 19, 2012

DU Lacrosse Tailgating Info This Weekend

(above) Gate 5 in the Navy Parking Lot on Saturday


Anonymous said...

DU with the biggest tent.

Lovin' it.

dggoddard said...

Heard the tent is going to have a keg and Margarita mixers pre & post game. There will be plenty of food & drinks available.

The DU Lacrosse team will not be attending the post game BBQ because of the charter flight is leaving right after the game. The will be eating box lunches in the locker room.

Anonymous said...

Go DU and kudos to the fans that make it there. Remember where you are playing and show respect. A lot of good Americans have served their country and paid the ultimate price after playing on that field.

Anonymous said...

DU did a great job in Annapolis. Great tailagte put on by the school. About 350 DU fans in the house, cheered on by Boone and often outcheering the more numerous local Loyola fans.