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 photo credit: Sean McNiff


Anonymous said...

The WAC appears to be falling apart and DU may need an exit strategy unless there is a WAC-MW merger. Too bad the WCC just added Pacific. Returning to the Sun Belt may be the best short term option but far from ideal.




Anonymous said...

Can't say Kappa Sig was ever my favorite fraternity on campus when I was at DU...BUT, major props to them for stepping up big time in the school spirit department. They seem to be leading the charge on campus. Great to see.

(I'm sure it's also motivated by one of their most distinguished alumni who is the official King of school spirit)

dggoddard said...

The Student Government really got behind school spirit this year. And the D.U. Grilling Society has become a real force on campus after just a few short years.

I heard this weekend that Greeks are 20% of the DU student population. The Greek houses have really supported the lacrosse team in a big way this year.

There's potential for the sororities to make a similar spirit push next year for women's basketball.

The Kappa Sigma's really were tremendous this weekend. Props to all the guys in the House.

I heard that ESPN was thrilled with the Hoops game atmosphere at Magness this season. The NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Committee was at Mile High this weekend and they too had great things to say about the turnout and atmosphere.

Its exciting to see spirit grow and develop on campus.