DU Ranks In 12th In NCAA D-1 Championships

(above) The new mural on the north side of the main concourse in Magness Arena
Most NCAA D-1 Championships

1.) UCLA 108
2.) Stanford 99
3.) Southern California 98
4.) Oklahoma State 47
5.) LSU 45
6.) Texas 44
7.) Arkansas 41
7.) Penn State 41
9.) North Carolina 37
10.) Michigan 35
11.) California 30
12.) Denver 28
12.) Ohio State 28
14.) Georgia 27
15.) Oklahoma 26


Anonymous said...

That's some pretty prestigous company.

Thank God for the 21 NCAA skiing titles. That helps boost out 7 NCAA hockey titles.

Harumph said...

Our co-ed is better than your co-ed.

Yeaaaahh yeaaaah yeaaaahh.

/allow beer

Anonymous said...

WTH??? Why is Boone giving a high five to a chicken? Or is that a turkey??? Is this a Thanksgiving promotion ???

Anonymous said...

Berhoel has to be on the list before Chevy and Dubie. I'm not saying Berkhoel was better than Dubie or Chevy, but what he did in the playoff run of '04 (especially against UND and Maine) is legendary. He and Caldwell led the DU program back into the elite.

I'm too young to have a strong opinion on the older guys, but I would have liked to see Wiste on the list for his long standing ties with the university and community.

Anonymous said...

What is amazing is how many championships we have won in such a short time of being D1. All those schools have always been D1. A real tribute to our athletic teams.

Harumph said...

We've been D1 in the sports our championships are in for a very long time. Derp.

Anonymous said...

DU hockey has been always been NCAA D-I since 1949 continuously, and won NCAA Championships in 1958, 1960, 1961, 1968 and 1969 before the two more recent championships in 2004 and 2005.

D-I Skiing at DU dates back to the 1940s. Barbara Kidder became DU's first NCAA Ski Champion in 1946, and the ski team's first NCAA team title came in 1954. DU has won 20 NCAA titles since that first one.

However, DU did drop varsity skiing from 1984-1992.

DU's other men's sports were NCAA D-I up until 1978, when DU downgraded into NAIA and NCAA D-II. The full athletic program was restored to full D-I accros the board in the late 1990s.

Anonymous said...

DU athletics were a complete mess from the late '70s and for many years afterwards...The '86 hockey team provided the only glimmer of any hope over a wide span of years. I know that Providence was a disappointment that year, however that team is as special as they come...too bad they couldn't claim what should have been theirs in Rhode Island that year.

Anonymous said...

86 we got hosed by the refs. What is amazing is the dominance we have in skiing. No other team dominates a sport in ncaa as much as we have in skiing. Total domination.

Anonymous said...

Our dominance in skiing is amazing. Skiing has been around since 1954 so we a championship about every 2.9 years (about every 2.5 years if you exclude the years we dropped varsity skiing). Here's some other schools that dominate sports (my vote for most dominant is UNC women's soccer):

Oklahoma State wrestling: 34 championships. About one every 2.5 years.

USC outdoor track: 26 championships. About one every 3.5 years.

Yale golf: 21 championships. About one every 5.5 years.

North Carolina women's soccer: 19 championships. About one every 1.6 years. They have won 19 out of 30 championships and had a streak from 1982 until 2000 where they won 16 out of 19 (and got to the finals in all but 1 year). Interesting side note, CC has gotten to the finals twice. UNC won 9 straight from 1986 - 1994.

Anonymous said...

The DU dominance is pretty explainable with less the 30 schools fielding ski teams, and only about 7-8 of them consistenty qualifying enough skiiers to contend for a title. Only seven schools have ever won a NCAA ski title.

DU, CU, Vermont, Dartmouth, Utah, UNM, and Wyoming.

Anonymous said...

And the rest of the schools on this list view your skiing championships as a huge asterik.

Anonymous said...

OSU and Oklahoma are laughing at you! You have 7 titles. period.

Anonymous said...

I understand the asterisk argument for skiing titles since there aren't that many schools competing for the title. And while there is some truth to it, I don't think that asterisk is as large as you are making it out to be.

Take basketball, how many schools are really competing for a title in a given year? 15-20 max? And it's more like 5-10 I'd say. Same with football. I'd imagine it's the same with cross-country, wrestling, or any other sport. More dillution in the sport doesn't necessarily mean it is more competitive. It might actually make it less competitive.

6:14, your statement is baseless, and even moronic by the addition of "period". The NCAA puts the "period" in the record books, and DU has 28 championships.

Anonymous said...

Good point, 7:03.

Would be interesting to see how many schools have won titles in each NCAA sport since the NCAA started keeping track.

BCFootball01 said...

And the point is, regardless of who is laughing,...28 championships are the same as 28 championships no matter what sport it is. A skier student athlete trains just as hard as a football player - and if you disagree then talk to the NCAA.