Goal Czar Packs His Bags For Norway

From: Budstikka
by Mette Sjølie

University of Denver Alum Luke Salazar [a.k.a. The Goal Czar to his DU fans] will begin his professional career in Norway. He signed a professional contract with the Frisk-Asker Tigers located near Oslo, Norway.

Former Norweigan and DU goaltender Lars Paulgaard also spent time with Frisk-Asker.

"Luke came to us and really wanted to play here. He has seen opportunities open up to other Americans after a good season in Asker. We checked contacts in the United States and he was highly recommended," said Ole Gerhard Haug.


dggoddard said...

"Goal Czar" in Norwegian is "Goal Czar" so Luke shouldn't have to get new T-shirts printed.

du78 said...

Goal Czar will look like a NASCAR driver in one of those uni's. ;-)

timt89 said...

It's all good...except 'Tigers' -- what a stupid nickname!