RealTime RPI Ranks Men's Basketball Conferences

(above) 2011-12 Final RPI rankings for every NCAA D-1 Conference
Now that the WAC has been decimated, the uphill fight to bring it back to respectability appears to be a daunting task.  The "new" WAC will comprise of DU, New Mexico State, Idaho, Seattle, Utah Valley University & California State-Bakersfield.

Meanwhile Idaho is still rumored to be looking to bolt the conference.  Asked to comment on the WAC's move, Idaho athletic Rob Spear said, “The announcement does not impact our evaluation.”

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Anonymous said...

The top of the New WAC - NMSU, DU, and Idaho are all very respectable basketball programs. NMSU and DU were both top 100 programs last year. Idaho was top 150 (out of 345 total programs)

The bottom half of the league is not too terrible - all were in the 200s last year. CSUB was one game from .500 at #215. Utah Valley won 16 games last year and went to a post-season tourney. And the slouch of the group, Seattle, put a serious scare into Virginia and Washington.

Hoops wise, the WAC can be respectable - somewhere between 12-20 in conference rankings. There will be a number of conferences below us.