Bad Boyz Alum Gets Arrested Again

(above) Notre Dame alum Rick Sheahan has some explaining to do
Notre Dame alum Riley Sheahan, a prospect for the Detroit Red Wings' organization, faces a "super-drunk" charge after his arrest for drunken driving in Grand Rapids, Mich

The 20-year-old player was pulled over by police on Oct. 29 after driving down the wrong side of the road clad in a purple Teletubbies costume.

According to a police report, Sheahan also blew a .30 at the police station after his arrest, almost four times the legal limit, and almost twice the limit needed to add a "super-drunk" charge to his current charge of driving under the influence.

Sheahan has also been charged with providing false information to authorities. The hockey player was carrying the Michigan driver's license of 23-year-old Brendan Smith, his Griffins teammate and fellow Detroit Red Wings prospect, when he was arrested in downtown Grand Rapids. Sheahan was born in St. Catherines, Ontario. As a Canadian citizen, Sheahan could possibly face deportation.

Sheahan was drafted #21 overall by the team in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft and played three years of collegiate hockey at the University of Notre Dame.

This isn't Sheahan's first time on the BadBoyz List. He was arrested after a police officer saw him, standing in the bed of a moving pickup truck about during his Freshman season at Notre Dame.  During the incident his teammate Kyle Palmieri attempted to run away from an officer, which led to a struggle between the two that included the freshman hockey player grabbing at the officer’s Taser.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, DG, get life.

ayoungerdu said...

It's a funny story and that's what it's meant to be. Lighten up.

dggoddard said...

The drunk driving part wasn't too funny, nor the fact that his "friends" let him drive.

But the "Teletubbies" part obviously made this a national story.

vizoroo said...

Hpw many hockey players wear purple Teletubbies costumes? I'd guess none after this story