Special Order Custom Made Hockey Jerseys

(above) Own a piece of ice hockey history and remind our friends down South about the good old days

Nineteen Fifty-Seven was a glorious year for the Colorado College hockey program.  The Tigers had just won their second NCAA National Championship in ice hockey and the future appeared bright.

Less than a year later the Colorado College hockey program would be thrown into disarray by a decision by the school president.  Just five days before the University of Denver would defeat North Dakota to win the 1958 National Championship, Colorado College President Dr. Louis T. Benezet, threatened to revamp his school's hockey program and "reduce the number of Canadians on CC's roster."

The rest as they say is history.  Colorado College hasn't won anything of note since.

Now you can relieve this epic piece of hockey history.  These "CC Sucks" hockey jerseys are sure to become collectors items.

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miller said...

You know somethings just never go out of style.