Clarion Editorial Asks "Why Is Boone Unofficial?"

(above) Good questions asked of DU's Administration as they continue to bury their heads in the sand
From: DU Clarion
by Chris Bach

Coming to DU this past fall, I believed our school mascot was none other than the renowned, famous Boone. It was only brought to my attention in the past couple of weeks that Boone is our unofficial mascot. 

This is discouraging, because I looked at Boone with a sense of pride for my school. Instead, the red-tailed hawk, Ruckus, took his place [read entire article].


old pio said...

Good luck to Chris. Am I not right that the original Boone was not designed by the Walt Disney Company, he was designed by Walt Disney, personally? Legendary ski coach Willi Schaeffler was the connection between DU and Disney.

The young man shows clear thinking, unencumbered by PC cant. Unlike the individual who responded, prattling on about "Boone's bloody history." Where do presumably intelligent people get that shit? "Bloody history?" "Boone?" This sounds like a person who's been camping out overnight to be first in the door at his neighborhood legalized pot store.

Of course this "thinking" has been on display in Denver for years. Witness the many ugly, stupid demonstrations surrounding Columbus day. For a while, Denver was the laughing stock of the country on that one. A city evidently full of Ward Churchill types (you know, the liar and plagiarist) going bonkers every October.

Boone is a college mascot. A symbol of the University of Denver, not Wounded Knee. And the sooner the multi-culti Nazis accept that and back off, and return Boone to official status, the better DU will be. Ruckus my ass.

dggoddard said...

"That's the way you debate."

- Old School

anonevermore said...

Old pio--if your goal of your writing is to get your opinion across, mission accomplished. We are familiar with your ever-present ranting about PC. If the goal of your writing is to persuade other people to your viewpoint--epic fail. Leave that to DG. Here are some tips--don't call anyone with a viewpoint different than yours a Nazi. That's a good start. Next, stay on topic, and ramble less. Best of luck to you.

BTW, that is a well-written article in the Clarion, and I like DG's response in the comments.

timt89 said...

Old Pio- Good points but I think you are missing out on how the Mascots are marginalizing and oppressing others. While the Air Force Falcons celebrate the freedom of flight, our military industrial complex uses the same air to attack innocent Muslims with drones. The CSU Ram, a symbol of Colorado A&M’s past, celebrates its agrarian history while pushing Native Americans from their lands. The CU Buffaloes celebrate a nearly extinct animal, destroyed by reckless MAN for food and hides. Then, [GASP] there is ‘Pistol Pete’ in Laramie Wyoming who celebrates the destruction of human life brought on by guns and the second amendment!

Since Stanford successfully moved away from the reckless moniker of ‘Indians’ to ‘Trees’, I propose we take ‘Rocks’ as our replacement mascot for Boone so as to not offend. Sexually neutral, a-political, ubiquitous, diverse (many sizes & colors), and inclusive (everyone can have one).

Of course, we can’t stop there. In order to treat everyone fairly, we should not charge for any athletic events because some people can’t afford tickets - unfair! Anyone interested in being on our teams should be allowed to join any team and play--just because someone doesn’t have the skill, not their fault! Scholarships should be eliminated because that is discrimination against non-athletes. We have to ditch crimson & gold because not everyone likes the colors and some people are color bind.

I think ‘Rocks’ is a good start…

Imaws Kcup said...

Tim, your argument is just ridiculous. Rocks would be a horrible idea. They kill 10's of people every year. I agree with the rest of what you said though. I suggest symbol for the Artist Formerly Known As Prince to be our mascot. Our hockey team can all wear purple now that Mankato isn't in the NCHC (don't want to clash).

Anonevermore, I think you are confusing Old Pio with someone that gives a chit. He can be abrasive at times, but I generally like his takes on things and he almost always says something that I didn't know before (or reminds me of something I've forgotten) the Willi Schaeffler connection. For what it's worth, in general, people don't come to the internet
with an open mind. Maybe 3 minds have ever been changed in the entire history of internet message forums. And that was just John Kerry flip-flopping back and forth 3 times.

dggoddard said...

Boone opponents won't propose an alternative. Lack of imagination, zero creativity, laziness or no interest in DU athletics.

Best short answer to the Boone issue is; "Come up with something better or STFU."

Its a mistake for Boone supporters to get into a debate over alleged "pioneer" atrocities. The DU Board of Trustees will never change the "Pioneer" name and the Athletic Department would be crazy adopt another stupid bird type logo.

Best thing to do is to encourage the students to vote and/or wait for a new Chancellor.

old pio said...

So the East German diving judge is offering tips? Like the man said: "include me out."