PioNation Cheers USA Hockey Win Over Canada

(Above) The USA World Junior team defeated Canada last night 5-1 in the Semi-Finals of the 2013 World Junior Tourney in Russia.  12 college players suited up for the USA squad, all five USA goals were scored by current NCAA players.

(above) Canada's National Day Of Mourning kicked off at 4 AM EST

From: The Star
by Kevin McGran

UFA, RUSSIA  -  Team USA clobbered Canada 5-1 on Thursday at the World Junior Hockey Championship to advance to the gold medal game.  The win will certainly rank up there with some of the biggest international hockey wins in US history.

The loss left Canada — who woke up early in the Eastern half and stayed up late in the West — stunned.

“Numb,” was the word coach Steve Spott used. “We didn’t have enough desperation. That was disappointing.”

Canadian players emerged from their rooms with long faces to address the media before seeking out consoling family members.

It’s the second year in a row that Canada missed out on the gold-medal game and the fourth year in a row that Canada won’t be crowned champion at the tournament it once dominated.

Canada really only has itself to blame for the loss. The team came out flat, pulled back on hits, looked lost in its own zone and couldn’t make a pass in the first period.

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dggoddard said...

I think we just found out why the NHL is still on Strike. They didn't want anybody to know how much they suck in hockey.