Shore & Zucker Help AHL West All-Stars To Win

(above) DU alums Jason Zucker scored the first goal and Drew Shore scored the fourth goal for the AHL West All-Stars last night

DU alums Drew Shore & Jason Zucker each scored a goal and an assist to help the AHL West All-Stars to a 7-6 victory on Monday night in Providence, RI.  DU alum Matt Donovan played for the East and recorded two shots on goal.
Ryan Hamilton's goal with 11.2 seconds left in regulation capped a hat trick and gave the Western Conference All-Stars the victory over the East. 

Houston Aeros forward Justin Zucker opened the scoring for the West at 7:39 of the first for a 1-0 lead.

The West finished off the opening period with a 4-1 lead on Drew Shore's goal at 15:11.


Crazy L said...

Good representation by DU. That announcer should of did some prep work before the game. Terrible! I was waiting for a "Boom goes the dynamite" out of him

Nincompoop said...

I watched the skills competition the night before, and Zucker set a new AHL record elapsed time for skating. That excitement didn't last too long, because another guy eclipsed it a short time later. It was pretty cool to see. The announcers were impressed with him; me being a DU fan, I was kind of like, yeah been there, done that, seen it before. I could have told them he would bust it down.