The Goal Czar Becoming A Legend In Norway

(above) Former DU star Luke Salazar is the poster boy for Norweigen team Frisk Asker
DU Alum Luke Salazar is leading his team in scoring by a wide margin this season.  In his first year of professional hockey, Salazar has 10 goals and 30 assists in 33 games.  The leading scorer on each team in Norway wears a gold helmet.

Clearly the Force is with Luke this season.


vizoroo said...

1/13/13 Luke had a Goal Czar game. 3-2-5 +3

anonevermore said...

Honestly, Luke's professional route seems a lot better than what you see from some of the guys who shuffle up and down between the AHL and lower leagues. He's living in a different country, leading the team in scoring, probably having fun, and getting paid. Sounds a lot better to me than playing on some team in Texas, and always stressing whether or not you will be called to the next league up.

David said...

That's awesome - good for him!