DU Student Government Plans To Condemn Boone

(above) Boone & Students do the Harlem Shake

Last night the University of Denver Undergradate Student Goverment discussed the Boone mascot issue at the University of Denver.  In 60 days the DU Student Senate would like to "pass a motion officially condemning Boone and stop all funding that supports anything with the Boone image." The student committee would prefer no mascot but left open the possibility of one day finding a new mascot

The current Boone mascot was 100% funded and built by alumni, fan & student donations.  The mascot was presented as a gift to the DU student body to promote school spirit on campus and make DU sporting events more fun.

In the past five years through private donations, Boone has traveled to DU sporting events in Boston, Madison, Minneapolis, Baltimore [twice] and Washington DC.  Two DU students have been sent to Mascot Boot Camp in Delaware & Pennsylvania.  Over $50,000 has been spent through alumni donations to fund the program.

The money spent by the alumni on Boone meant that no student activity or DU Athletic Department dollars were ever spent on Boone.  The money was all raised privately.

The USG wants to take away the students unofficial mascot and replace it with --- nothing.  Doesn't seem like much of a plan.


miller said...

Are you kidding me? I am fairly certain that the majority of the student government membership have never been to a DU sporting event and witnessed the enthusiasm that Boone generates.

Once again, PC gone wild. I have yet to hear a valid argument against Boone.

Very disappointing.

UDenver20 said...

This is absolutely obnoxious.

(1) The DU USG needs to spend more time updating the minutes on its website and less time worrying about issues so far outside its purpose. Unofficial mascots should fall somewhere around protecting the campus chipmunk population in terms of priorities.

(2) Clearly the protesters at the recent Harlem Shake video were the ones who were out of line, not the other way around: http://duclarion.com/harlem_shake_du/

(3) Boone has nothing to do with Daniel Boone. Even if he did, Daniel Boone was actually an American hero and was an honorary member of two Native American tribes, hunted with both Native Americans and African Americans, fought with George Washington, and served as a member of the Virginia legislature. These idiots need to start by doing their homework. "Boone" by Robert Morgan would be a good starting point. You know, since DU is an institution of higher learning and all…

(4) Still, even if the DU USG were to condemn Boone, nothing would change. Nothing, at all. Boone would continue and, if necessary become the alumni mascot.

(5) I'm sure that a USG to get rid of Boone will be so very appreciated by Institutional Advancement, as it seeks to woo more alumni donors back for the current ASCEND campaign. Because, that battle wasn't bruising enough for their office the last two times around...

This whole thing has left me with a great appreciation for people on the right who are fed up with the PC movement on the left.

timt89 said...

As an alum, I would be extremely shocked to see Boone 'condemned'. Aren't there other priorities?
Plus, most of the students don't go to the games anyway.

Let's hope common sense prevails and history is preserved.

Imaws Kcup said...

I like this quote by the organizer/filmer: “So I contacted Boone via his Facebook page and asked if he could create the event, and create some hype for it, since he has over 3,000 Facebook friends at DU."

Too funny, the most popular guy on campus isn't even officially recognized.

Put or shut up USG.

dggoddard said...

Boone has 3,500+ friends on Facebook.

11,000+ watched the Harlem Shake Video.

200 students showed up to film video.

Boone attends hundreds of DU events.

Boone flies all around the country supporting DU teams on the road.

Boone saves DU students thousands of dollars annually by relying on Alumni support.

And the best that Boone's opponents can propose is to replace the hardest working unofficial mascot with.....NOTHING.

Twister said...

What a joke. If this group USG indeed has the gall to condemn Boone, they sure as hell had better have the balls to propose an alternative. Don't piss and moan about something and then turn around and have nothing to offer as an alternative. That's the ultimate cop-out.

I started going to DU games in
2003. Since Boone came on the scene a short time ago, school spirit has been boosted, the student section has become more active and involved, and the fans have a mascot to be proud of.

old pio said...

Perhaps this manifestation of PC idiocy will convince students to find candidates to run against every USG incumbent who doesn't support Boone. And to actually vote in the elections to oust these prigs. "Resist." "Speak truth to power." And make the administration do what these student house mouses can't--ban Boone unilaterally. Make them do it out in the open, and not hiding behind some "referendum" where only 10% of the student body participates. I've seen this bullshit repeatedly and it's time, for once, to take a stand. We had a Chancellor for Eternity who thought he'd just get rid of the "D-Rah" 'cause he donated a lot of money and that made his every instinct like a Papal Bull. For decades, DU didn't play its fight song at sporting events even with a school of music. Now the idea is to get rid of a mascot which costs DU nothing and immeasurably raises school spirt. I'd imagine professionals in development could offer some interesting data on the correlation between quality applicants and giving with successful athletics. It's not an either/or proposition. Seems to me Standord does pretty well both athletically and academically. Remember, these administrators aren't "burdoned" with a DU degree. What do they care? Just pay the tuition, stay off the grass, write your annual check and shut the fuck up.

old pio said...

Rant Part II.

Incidentally, that ratio 200 to 3, no doubt represents the true feelings on campus about Boone. Whenever you hear some "diversity" Nazi blathering, the truth of the matter is they're trying to shut someone else up. They aren't interested in real "diversity," only the "diversity" they dictate. Paraphrasing Pacino at the end of "Scent of a Woman,": Jose, Amanda & Julia. . .fuck you too."

Boonetown said...

I just received a letter from DU begging for donations.

After reading this, DU isn't getting my donation.

Money talks, BS walks.


Nincompoop said...

Love it. Don't ban pot, guns, meth, alcohol abuse or sexual abuse or violent crimes. Focus all your energy on banning Boone. Say, how about a crackdown on jaywalking too? Retards.

Mark Seelye said...

1974 grad here....attended every home hockey game for four years...loved DU.
Now that it's become a typical socialist re-education camp, I send my donations to Hillsdale College.

Chelsea said...

Does anyone know the contact information for student government. As an alumni who is 50 percent Choctaw and who's father is 100 percent American Indian and loves Boone and is also a donor to the University of Denver, I would like to email them and let them know, that they do not speak for us. I accept Boone and love Boone and student council has no right to do this.

anonevermore said...

Everyone has a right to speak their minds and have their viewpoints considered. (Even tho' Old Pio will call you a Nazi if you disagree with him.) That said, I think Chelsea's point is a good one, and illustrates that DU needs to be careful not to let the loud voices of like 15 people on campus override the viewpoint of hundreds, maybe thousands, of other people. Boone is a cartoony character, for god's sake, nothing remotely threatening or controversial about him. DU should be thanking the people who brought back Boone--the university has gotten a ton of free publicity because of his appearances.

dggoddard said...

UGA student body president is Sam Estenson.