Week 2: LetsGoDU Photo Caption Contest

Last week we featured a photo of DU hockey player Zac Larraza staring down the University of Minnesota-Duluth skating cheerleader team.  An alert reader suggested a Photo Caption contest and the comments poured in.

On Thursday LetsGoDU received an email from a member of the UMD skating cheerleaders accusing our blog of "insulting & libeling their cheer team."

She went on to mention that our reader comments were "degrading & veering the line of sexual harrassment and that she was extremely offended by the sexual innuendos directed towards them."

She added that Mr. Larraza, "skated through their formation twice, tried to ruin their routine & purposely bumped into one of the cheerleaders."

So with that in mind, lets head into week two of Photo Caption Contest.

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anonevermore said...

She is clearly not the brightest bulb in the socket, and apparently has no idea what the word "libel" means.