Daylight Savings Starts Today

Congrats DU Ski Team --- 4th At NCAA Championships

Congrats DU Basketball --- WAC Regular Season Co-Champions


dggoddard said...

DU is in 2nd place after the first day of the 2013 NCAA Skiing Championships.

Heard our cross country skiers may not be as strong as in years past, so we'll have to keep our fingers crossed tomorrow & Friday.

Nonetheless, great start today.


Charlie said...

This is WAY off topic, but the Minnesota State High School tourney started today and the local TV station that covers it put together this montage of last year’s action. …there may be a future Pioneer or two in there! :)

dggoddard said...

NCAA Ski Championships After Day 2

389 - Vermont
368.5 - Colorado
350 - Utah
328 - Denver
280 - New Mexico

dggoddard said...

Friday Ski Team Update:

"DU's Kristine Gjelsten Haugen is unstoppable! She sweeps the 2013 NCAA Skiing Championships after she took another win in today's slalom! INCREDIBLE! Fellow freshman Tianda Carroll had a fantastic second run and climbs up on the podium with her 3rd place finish!"

Men go this afternoon.

dggoddard said...

NCAA Ski Championships After Day Three

564 - Vermont
510 - Colorado
484 - Denver
481 - Utah
449 - New Mexico

Nincompoop said...

Rise and shine people. Get a move on. There's 10:30am Molson Canadian waiting for you at University and Buchtel. Sunday service begins at 11:00. Come hear the gospel of Boone, under the golden steeple tower. Captain Phillips will surely deliver a wonderful 60 minute sermon this glorious day.

Jordan said...

I'm sending the Athletic Department my brunch bill for reimbursement.

dggoddard said...

If DU hockey wins today they play Colorado College in the first round of the WCHA playoffs.

Tie or lose, they play Nebraska Omaha

dggoddard said...

#7 DU Lacrosse outlasted #8 Ohio State Buckeyes 10-9 in Columbus yesterday. The Pioneers improve to 5-1 on the season, with four straight wins, all against ranked opponents.

du78 said...

DU sweeps UAA 7-1 and 6-1

Nincompoop said...

I hope someone escalates to the NCAA, for the ugly stomach kick to Zack Larazza by number 5 on the Seawolves. If it was the pros, he would probably be fined. Sitting for 1 game seems ridiculous for an act so blatant and senseless. He's probably thanking his lucky stars that he DID get kicked out, because someone on Denver would have probably went after him to retaliate. And that would leave a mark on that little wimp.