ESPNU Will Host Sunday Night Selection Show

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The University of Denver hockey team will find out where it is heading at 7 PM MT on Sunday night during ESPNU's 2013 NCAA Ice Hockey Tournament Selection Show.

The CCHA Championship game will decide the fate of two teams on Sunday afternoon.  Michigan will play Notre Dame at Noon MT.  If Michigan wins they will make the Tournament.  If they lose, Yale will sneak in as the final "at-large" team.

Anish Shroff, Barry Melrose and Dave Starman will host the 2013 Selection Show  on ESPNU.

East Regional
Providence, R.I., March 30-31
#1 Quinnipiac vs #16 Canisius
#6 Boston College vs. #12 Union
Northeast Regional
Manchester, N.H., March 29-30
 #3 Lowell vs. #14 Wisconsin
#9 Denver vs. #7 New Hampshire 6 PM MT ESPNU
Midwest Regional
Toledo, Ohio, March 30-31
#4 Notre Dame vs. #13 St. Cloud State
#5 Miami vs. #11 Minnesota State

West Regional
Grand Rapids, Mich., March 29-30
#2 Minnesota vs. #15 Yale
#8 North Dakota vs. #10 Niagara

Frozen Four
Pittsburgh, April 11 and 13


dggoddard said...

Every year USCHO posts its fancy predictions about what teams will head to which bracket.

Most times in recent years the Committee just sticks to the straight formula [except for host schools] ... #16 vs #1, ect.

It was supposed to be a "down" year for the WCHA, but six WCHA teams made the Tournament.

Anonymous said...

Do you think they dare put BC on a plane?

Nincompoop said...

I sure wish there was a better way to set the brackets, so fans could have a couple weeks to prepare and buy airline tickets and reserve rooms. 5 days notice to buy a plane ticket?? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Almost certainly, DU will be sent to either Manchester to face New Hampshire or to Providence to face North Dakota, because with 6 WCHA teams in the tourney, the committee can ignore the rule about first round matchups from the same league, as they did in 2008 when DU had to play Wisconsin in Madison.

Both USCHO and CHN are projecting DU to Manchester to face UNH. Should DU beat UNH in their home state, DU would likely face the winner of Wisconsin and Lowell, two of the hottest teams in the country. No easy bracket for the Pion...

timt89 said...

Melrose looked drunk...I hope our team takes his words to heart..."they deserve to go to Manchester because they didn't play well" as a challenge. Time to take a big chp on our shoulder out east and shock the 'experts'...

Anonymous said...

I know who's drunk around here...his name starts with Tim and ends with du$$h bag...

achsdu17 said...

DU better not go into this game and play not to lose. That's what has been killing them over the last 8 seasons. They go in don't play their game, look shaky, not in sync and look like crap. Win or lose... just play your game DU!

DU/CC Dad said...

Melrose has a bromance with North Dakota, Wisconsin and the Goofers. He was falling all over himself with praise for these teams. His representation of DU as timt89 said is lackluster at best. Go after em DU...this is gonna be fun. It's always fun when your team makes it into the Sweet 16.

Anonymous said...

Melrose also said DU is capable of beating anyone.

The Pioneers are just as capable as anyone if they play their best.

If they don't play well, this bracket will crush them.

old pio said...

Although it pains me to point it out, Melrose also said of DU "they can win anywhere. Still, he looks and talks like a guy who's had one too many concussions. Screw him.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Wisconsin will win it all, but college hockey is really bugging me. They are a team that has gone 21-5-5 in their last 31 games, have a winning record against ranked teams, gave up less than 3 goals most of the season, and were missing 2 of their best players when they started out 1-7-2, also a time when it hurt to watch them cause it made me sick. But, for the NCAA to have their "special" numbers program to make it clear that UW had to win the WCHA Final 5 to make the NCAA's is a horrible system. They might as well invite a Minnesota Community College team while they're it, as their polls reflect they are Pro-Minnesota minded when it comes to their ranking sysem. Just view the rankings every week since December 1st and see what happens with the Goat-furs and Badgers when they win or lose. Enough said. Good luck WCHA teams, except Minnesota, in the tourney!

dggoddard said...

Congrats to Boston College on being the first team to make the Frozen Four. The games next week will be little more than scrimmages. :-)

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:36 - agrre with your post, but i truely believe Minny is the best team in the nation and has been all year. Then again, no school has done less with what they have then Minny (historically). So I think Yale will give them all they can handle.