Mile High Mids Questions Motives Of Anti-Boonies

(above) Blogger Brendan Loy asks questions of Boone's opponents
"You don’t need to understand Boone's offensive or why there is so much need to change. If you can understand that people are deeply hurt by it, out of love your DU peers you should be able to support it.”
- Native Student Alliance co-chair Julia Bramante
Mile High Mids blogger Brendan Loy continues to ask Boone's opponents to articulate why the mascot is so offensive. 

He even emailed questions to DU student body president Sam Estenson, who help unleash this shitstorm on DU. The resulting back on forth via email between Brendan and Sam is comical. 

I don't want to spoil the surprise, so check out the article.


miller said...

What in the "wide, wide world of sports" is she talking about? These are the future leaders of our country, I am concerned!

dggoddard said...

Welcome back Miller. Its been a while. :-)

The future leaders of our country are the 80% of students at DU who support Boone.

DU students who attend lots of sporting events, promote school spirit, proudly wear Boone shirts at games & hold up Boone signs when we score.

I'm very confident that we have great future leaders at DU.

timt89 said...

That is the liberal mantra...'feelings'. But just so we are clear, it is all about their 'feelings' -- not ours. No need to confuse 'feelings' with fact, intention or reality because 'feelings' trump everything today.

BTW, I think the Native Americans got hosed. Why doesn't the USG work on scholarships? Why not figure out a place to formally recognize Colorado Indian leaders at the university? Why not align the university with reservations to leverage our Social Work graduates and the DU community to make a difference? All of us can support that and what a great way to bring the university community together.

My final point is that the Denver Boone fight is part of a larger effort which will eventually lead to the elimination of 'Pioneers'. While Denver Boone is an au mage to the West, 'Pioneers' is clearly a direct reference to European settlers of the West and, clearly, even more offensive, following the current logic, to anyone who opposes Denver Boone. Lay down on this and it is just a matter of time.

anonevermore said...

I really wish that the Anti-Boone people would set forth some rational argument that I could understand. Something that could be debated. This would be comical, if their short sightedness, and their lack of preparation and thought wasn't so harmful to the university.

Brad Feige said...

By their logic, should the U of Miami, get rid of Hurricanes as their mascot? Aren't those storms patently offensive to their victims? How about the OK State Cowboys and the Sooners in Nebraska. I sure don't see a groundswell of support for eliminating them...

dggoddard said...

Lots of great comments over at the Mile High Mids blog about Boone.

As more people on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Clarion wbsite & social media step forward to support Boone, others who have been sitting on the fence, feel more comfortable entering the fray.

Momentum is on Boone's side.

vizoroo said...

I'm DU grad and female. I like Hockey and I like Boone. And I don't find him sexist. Need a female counterpart. get an Annie Oalkey type for the Lady/Women Pioneers.

Tried to remember some of the alternatives. If there are more than 3 then one made no impression at all.

Voting against ox and elk:
Ox=strong but slow==often goaded , whipped and yelled at, butt of many obscenities by the driver of the team,

Elk=primarily lives in single sex herds--has harems of up to 20 females when “rutting”=male elk picked as emblem for the BPOE because it was considered symbol of male superiority. NO,NO,NO!

Astronaut is certainly a Pioneer, but don’t think too many were around in 1864. But could we call him Boone?

vizoroo said...

BTW, Sooners were cheaters in the Oklahoma land run. They left before the official starting time. Does that Mean OU condones cheaters?

dggoddard said...

I asked some questions of the Clarion Editor today on Facebook. Not sure if anything will come of it.
To: Manthan Bhatt - Clarion Editor

"As a DU alum & DU sports blogger [LetsGoDU] I'm interested in the composition of the DU Student Mascot Task Force.

With the committee making such an important decision for the future identity of the university, shouldn't the committee members be named in the Clarion to insure full transparency? By naming Task Force members, Clarion readers could ascertain the qualifications of the Committee to make such a momentus decision.

I also wonder about the timing of all this.

Coombe is rumored to be stepping down in 2014. Is the administration rushing to push this through before he departs?

What other universities besides DU, allows its Chancellors to continually change the school's mascots on a whim without any input from alums?

Ritchie retroactively changing the mascot in 1998. Coombe deciding in 2008 that Boone wouldn't be mascot despite overwhelming student popularity [87% in Clarion poll]. And now this "hand picked" Task Force that's stacked with multiculturalist allies [Kvistad & his cronies].

Finally, isn't the Red-Tailed Hawk the "official mascot" of DU as decided by the Board of Trustees in 1998. If the BOT didn't eliminate Ruckus by vote; whats the problem? Boone isn't the school mascot, the red-tailed hawk is."