Mile High Mids Blog Questions Coombe's Email

(above) If the Mascot Task Force is looking for a fresh ideas, "Copper Coombe," the exclusive excellence mascot

That pesky basketball blogger, Brendon Loy, keeps asking questions that nobody in Coombe's Kingdom wants to answer.
And we have a few questions of our own:
  • What are the qualifications of the Mascot Task Force Committee to make such a momentous decision?
  • Coombe is rumored to be stepping down in 2014. Is the administration rushing to push this through before he departs? 
  • What other universities besides DU, allows its Chancellors to continually change the school's mascots on a whim without any input from alums & students? Ritchie retroactively changing the mascot in 1998. Coombe deciding in 2008 that Boone wouldn't be mascot despite overwhelming student popularity [87% in Clarion poll]. And now this "hand picked" Task Force that's stacked with multiculturalist allies [Provost Gregg Kvistad & his cronies]. 
  • Finally, isn't the Red-Tailed Hawk the "official mascot" of DU as decided by the Board of Trustees in 1998? If the BOT didn't eliminate Ruckus by vote; whats the problem? Boone isn't the school mascot, the Red-Tailed Hawk is.


Donald Dunlop said...

"Monumentous"? Get some perspective. Too funny.

Jordan said...

Almost as funny as UAA's defense.

miller said...

Donald, why don't you stick around awhile and we'll talk about Seawolves hockey. That will be a short conversation.