More Custom Boone Shirts Are On The Way

(above) Boone is ready for Spring Break
Its been a tough Winter Quarter for Denver Boone.  Boone merchandise purchases have been banned by the Undergraduate Student Government.  Offenders who use student activity funds to purchase "contraband Boone merchandise" will have their club funding frozen.

So what's our great mascot to do?

When bullies mess with Boone, they find out that we don't take kindly to having our mascot being slandered by DU academic elitists.

So with that in mind this weekend we're giving away a limited number of these cool Boone themed Spring Break T-shirts on Friday and Saturday night.

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dggoddard said...

If you'd like to order one of these shirts directly from the printer its very easy.

They are also available in kids sizes.

They cost $20 or less including free shipping.