NCAA Tourney Mascots Violate "Coombe Doctrine"

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When the NCAA Tournament begins this week no one will be surprised to see "official" university mascots supporting their schools, pumping up their fans and mocking their opponents.  But after watching the "Boone Witch Hunt" unfold on campus in the last month, you may be surprised that many of the 68 mascots on display share many similarities with Denver Boone.

None of the mascots pictured above adhere to Chancellor Coombe's desire for a mascot that "reflects the growing diversity of their communities and the individual schools inclusive and welcoming nature."

You'll also notice that a vast majority of mascots match the school nickname, so calling ourselves the "Pioneers" and then rolling out an ox, elk, miner or astronaut would cause massive confusion.  Especially for a small school like the University of Denver which has a very weak brand nationally, and is often confused out-of-state with the University of Colorado.

None of the mascots pictured above, nor any of the other four dozen animal mascots reflect "inclusive excellence."  They are just mascots, they aren't designed to convey a political message.


dggoddard said...

Time to go on the offensive and bring Denver Boone back as the "Official Mascot."

Allow the biased Student Task Force to come up with their ox/elk/miner/astronaut and the hold a fair and open student election with their candidate vs. Boone.

Anonymous said...

Wow dude, get a life !

You and a handful of your friends give a crap. I want Boone to be the mascot, but like most others, we have bigger things to worry about

I use to come here for hockey info, that stopped a long time ago, now I check in to see the comedy that is DG's lets go DU