Westword Readers Name Boone "Best Mascot"

(above) Westword named "Rocky" the best mascot in Denver, but the "Reader's Poll" selected Denver Boone
The readers of Westword might not be a part of the University of Denver's fancy new focus groups designed to bring DU a new Mascot, but they voted with their hearts and named Denver Boone, "The Reader's Choice: Best Mascot in Denver."


UDenver20 said...


Anonymous said...

Suck it Coombe!

Anonymous said...

This will have a significant impact with our students. Westword is a "hip" mag. and read by many of them.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Congrats, Boone.

Let me sum it up--we have a great mascot, designed by Walt Disney, that represents a PIONEER, that 90% of the students like, that wins awards, that is closely associated with DU, and DU wants to trash it and start over. Wow...just...wow.

dggoddard said...

Previous commenter sums it up, but its obvious that Coombe is going steps further.

A lack of transparency throughout this process, an agenda to build a mascot that reflects diversity over all else and an alumni base that they neither fear nor respect.

DU went D-1 in 1998. Boone fired, Ruckus hired, Ruckus phased out and now a new candidate on the horizon.

That's four official changes of mascot policy since 1998. Clearly the leadership of the university has no expertise on this subject.

Building a "forward leaning" mascot that reflects the "diversity of a university" that isn't even in place yet, is destined for failure.

old pio said...

Close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine what would happen if the administration at Michigan, Ohio State, Nebraska or Oklahoma breezily announced that they were going to deep six "Wolverines," "Buckeyes," "Cornhuskers" or "Sooners." And that they were doing so because a handful of students allegedly complained. And that the decision to change had been taken behind closed doors, with zero input from students or alumni. And that they had manipulated student government to do the dirty work for them. And that if they behave themselves, students and/or alumni might be allowed to chose from among a list of finalists they've selected. Maybe.

DG has expressed it perfectly: they neither fear nor respect alumni and unless and until they do, this sort of thing will continue. It's also obvious they don't care what students think, unless they can rustle up a few youngsters who will parrot the party line. Again I ask, why? Why now? Why now despite an enormously successful "unofficial" effort? Either there's some agenda hidden here that I'm not aware of. Or they're doing it for the same reason a dog licks his doo-dahs, because he can.

Anonymous said...

Nice try Old Pio in attempting to make a comparison with an elitist small private school to Ohio State, Oklahoma, ect.

The problem lies in the fact that your alumns don't give a crap and the others do.

You and DG need to stop talking and get your checkbooks out. Idle threats, Boone t-shirts, Facebook pages don't do s$$t. Money talks, bulls$$t walks.

Anonymous said...

I think the reason DU is doing this all stems from a Princeton Review article from 8-10 years ago that painted DU as one of the least diverse schools in the country. DU was humiliated by this, and in the world of higher education, more diversity is the goal of almost every school.

Since then, DU has invested millions to make the campus more appealing to diverse student groups,with varying results. Whole new mulitcultural departments were created and programs are funded, and these multiculturalists need something to do to justify themselves. So they stir up some students and get active.

They are trying desperately to change DU from it's history of serving mostly rich white kids to a more open and diverse school. As such, old symbols of DU, like Boone, do not fit their mulitculural vision. It's not just Coombe, either. The Board of Trustees have bought into this diversity vision, as well as big chunks of the faculty and some students, especially the student government.

DU treated it's alumni poorly for many years, and now when the alumni are really needed to stand up for school traditions, most DU alums just don't care.

Until we do, shame on us.

UDenver20 said...

Why do people assume that DG, Old Pio, and the rest of us who are pro Boone aren't (er, weren't) donors?

Anonymous said...

Interesting perspective, Anon 3:01. Hadn't thought about how that all may tie into it.

But I wouldn't say that DU isn't diverse--we have usually had a high percentage of foreign students. It's just a segregated kind of environment, with not a lot of interaction between different kinds of people. At least that was the case when I went there.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys are forgetting that Boone is still the mascot, just not the official one. There are no changes to what is already happening. Who gives a crap about marketing materials and murals? As long as Boone is allowed to enter the stadium, there isn't an issue.

BringBooneBack said...

You are kidding yourself if you think Boone will be allowed into the arena much longer.

This is PC running the asylum.

Anonymous said...

Cool , the local bar rag gives Boone an "award "

Doesn't 't change crap. I want Boone to stay, but alll this blow hard bs led by fat toga man does nothing.

The handful ( at best ) of pro Boone posters here don't mean crap ! Your antagonist approach to YOUR school is quite immature .

Look to nd, they had much more legit problem with nd souix name change, butt still support their school

Anonymous said...

DG it may be time to restrict the trolls, discussion has taken a turn for the douche with one of these anons. Thank you, sir.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's antagonistic to call out your school when they make mistakes, and DU has made a lot of mistakes on the Boone issue.


1. Mascot change without convincing evidence for change.

2. Mascot change knowing Boone has over 80% support among University community.

3. Multiple non-transparent or non-democratic process for mascot change.

4. Erasure of previous mascot despiite previous statements of support as a historical icon.

5. Previously forcing a new mascot (bird) on University community without consulation or connection to nickname.

6. Student government forcing change without significant support of consituents.

7. Leadership non-reponsive to individual inquiries about mascot change.

8. Leadership willingness to assert position but not explain nor enganage in substantive ublic debate with those who do not agree.

9. Use of "inclusive excellence" rationale, while they exclude the majority.

10. Inappropriate use of mascot issue to highligh sensitivity to diversity issues. Other more direct methods of improving diversity would be better use of time and resources.

Anonymous said...

Bar rag? I'll have you know that Westword carries ads for the most prestigious erotic spas and highest quality marijuana businesses in the Denver area. It's the hip paper for over 50 y.o. widgt salesmen, not just in Colorado but the whole state of Texass too!