College Hockey News: Rocky Mountain Low

From: College Hockey News
by Adam Wodon

George Gwozdecky's firing stunned me and most everyone else. Now, in the aftermath, we're only left to ask "Why?"

Particularly in light of the class Gwozdecky showed during his good-bye press conference Tuesday (one in which Denver officials decided not to attend), it's hard to understand. Could there be a better ambassador for a college program? One who wins 20 games every year, has two national championships under his belt, and runs a tight, clean program?

You can count those on one hand.

Yet here we are [read entire article].


Jordan said...

I like this bit:

If wins and losses is the reason, it's the exact opposite of the de-emphasis theory. You can't be de-emphasizing a sport, then also be upset about the wins and losses of a 16-time, 20-win coach. So it can't be both. And if it is about wins and losses, the Denver administration has portrayed a mentality that you normally see from impatient fans, not people who should know better.

1980 said...

that is an excellent article, spot on analysis

not much more can be said (unfortunately)

Anonymous said...

It's not about the wins and loses. It's all about the board's displeasure with George's Ohio State effort and probably also his new contract demands.

Anonymous said...

"The personality clash and potential alienation over the contract maneuverings are somewhat understandable, but not worth firing over. All of that was behind closed doors, and it clearly did not have a negative effect on the Denver hockey program. Gwozdecky continued to get a bevy of great players, and run the program with the same type of class and professionalism and dignity that he always had."

Anonymous said...

Best article on this yet.

Adam gets it.

Anonymous said...

Here's how I'd characterize the decision:

40% Board of Trustees frustration over long-term relationship with Gwoz

40% Contract impasse

20% Innability to win in NCAAs since 2005

Anonymous said...

So 80% nothing to do with hockey. I'd say more like 95%, but I suppose it doesn't matter.