Westword Writes Another Article About Boone

(above) For the second time this week Westword takes aim at DU's controversial mascot search, this time focusing on the Mascot Task Force and the process they are using to select a new mascot
From: Westword
by Patricia Calhoun

Is the University of Denver's hunt for a new mascot turning into a Boone-doggle? That's what some alumni are wondering after attending a Thursday focus group, part of a campus-wide process to calm controversy and select a new mascot. Denver Boone, a coonskin cap-wearing caricature, was adopted as the image of the DU Pioneers back in 1968; although he was banished three decades later,  Chancellor Robert Coombe agreed in 2008 that Boone could return in an unofficial capacity. But now that era is over.

And this time, it sounds like there's no possibility of Boone, who just won our Readers' choice for Best Mascot, will be coming back [read entire article].


dggoddard said...

Tons of free publicity for DU this week in Westword, Denver Post, Mile High Sports, Channel 9 News, Channel 4 News, College Hockey News, the Clarion, Twitter & Facebook.

Who knew that inclusive excellence, labeling Boone a racist and shit-canning an iconic hockey coach could be so interesting?

Keep the good times acommin'

Anonymous said...

really nothing new here

they had already determined and said the 'search' wouldn't result in Boone, so, not sure why the westword piece or surprise. The westword does indicate that "the unofficial Boone era" is over - that would be a bigger deal, since if they enforced it, there would be no more Boone merchandise (legally). But I don't see where Coombe has backtracked on the 2008 announcement ( yet at least - or did I miss that)

But your point is a good one, DU is getting hammered PR wise in multiple arenas

miller said...

I asked the gentleman who conducted the focus group last night if in his conversations with Coombe he had indicated whether he would go back on his agreement to leave Boone as the "unofficial" mascot, in other words, would we still be able to have Boone around.

Coombe didn't address that issue but based on what has happened lately (i.e. removal of Boone from the mural) I wouldn't trust Coombe not to go back on his promise.

Anonymous said...

DG -

New plan. Let's halt all support for Boone and help Coombe choose a new mascot from here on out. Ladies and gentleman of the empire, I now give you...Coombe Daddy!

Yes...the man...the mystery...the mascot! What better way to represent that oh-so-sweet tasting dogma than supporting our Great Leader himself?

Coombe Daddy shirts, Coombe Daddy stickers, Coombe Daddy bobble heads, Coombe Daddy condoms... Hey nothing says 'I'm gonna screw someone tonight' better than Coombe Daddy himself!

While we're at it, let's toss hockey (stolen from the Vikings) and lacrosse (stolen from the Canadian Aboriginal) as sports because we sure don't want to offend anyone.

Anonymous said...

We should be the Tumbleweeds, because we blow along with whatever wind comes through campus.

old pio said...

Quelle surprise

dggoddard said...

I can get behind Coombe Daddy.

Interesting marketing opportunities abound:

"Daddy needs a new pair of shoes" Shoes in the Magness Gift Shop.

PA Announcer: [As DU comes out on the ice] "Here Comes Daddy"

"Puff Daddy" paraphernalia available in the DU Bookstore.

"Shhh Daddy's Sleeping" signs in Anderson Commons.

Nincompoop said...

Mayfield signed with the Owen Sound Tigers today.

dggoddard said...

Thanks for heads up on Mayfield. I'll post it.