Terry Ellis Continues Amazing Journey

(above) Terry Ellis hopes to shut down North Carolina on Sunday
From: Denver Post
by Mike Chambers

Terry Ellis didn't learn about lacrosse until he was a freshman at Clayton High School outside of St. Louis when news of the racially charged Duke lacrosse case dominated headlines. An African-American woman falsely accused three white lacrosse players of rape, a story that got widespread media attention in 2006.
"Where I grew up, you play baseball and soccer, but a friend told me I should play lacrosse. He said I would be good," said Ellis, who is African-American. "So he lent me his equipment and I fell in love with it. And here I am" [read entire article].

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Dunker said...

That is such a wonderful story. It would be great if we couuld have a fallball game in St. Louis next year. We could introduce a lot of inner city youth to a great sport at clinics.