DU Mascot Committee Unveils New Jackalope

(above) The University of Denver's new Jackalope mascot
Not deterred by a recent overwhelming rejection of its three mascot candidates in an online survey of 75,000 alumni, students, parents, faculty, administrators and season ticket holders, Chancellor Robert Coombe unveiled the latest DU mascot candidate on Monday evening.  

The new Red-Vested Jackalope will be nicknamed "Mile-High Cyrus."

Sure to be popular with students aged 18-22, Mile-High Cyrus offers many advantages over Denver Boone.


timt89 said...

This is a winner! No white male mascot and the bra and panties are made from recyled tires.

Eric Burton said...

That is not a good idea for a mascot. :)

Anonymous said...

Every time I open the blog this picture creeps me out just a little bit more than the last time.

(Ronny Mexico has probably visited the site 63,000 times since yesterday)