Tuesday, August 20, 2013

National Review Online Weighs In On Boone

The National Review Online gave their spin on the "Boone Debacle" and while the facts in the story might not ring 100% true, the reader comments are good for a laugh.

Needless to say the Ivory Tower Types over at the corner of University & Evans won't be too pleased to see this coverage.

Might be a good idea for several of the DU staffers who created this debacle to dust off the old resume.


Ring_of_Fire said...

DG...just so you know, the "Ivory Tower types at University and Evans" wouldn't be caught dead reading National Review Online...so chances of them seeing this coverage are approaching nonexistent.

Get it into the UTNE Reader or The New Internationalist, and then you'd have something...

dggoddard said...


Tongue was planted firmly in cheek with that comment. :-)

old pio said...

Fox website also covers our disgrace.