Boone Kicks Off Online Fundraising Campaign

Students on campus have set-up an online fundraising site to raise awareness and funding for Denver Boone.  The money raised will allow T-shirt giveaways, away game travel, costume repair & maintenance.

Over the weekend $800 was contributed by Boone's fans, alumni and students.  The goal is to raise $5,000 by the end of the year and now its your chance to to join Boone and become a part of PioNation.


Albatross80208 said...

If Boone would have been at the hockey game last night, I would have contributed. Instead I bought myself a new NCHC jersey. Half the battle is showing up.

Jordan said...

Will be interesting to see how this compares to the DU vs CC fundraiser, which is apparently not going well for DU.

Albatross80208 said...

The idea of a DU/CC competition is just sad. DU has cut off ties with time its honored traditions. Boone is unofficial, Murray Armstrong is dead and Gwoz is gone. Yes, DU is a 7 time National Champion in hockey but this group doesn't have ties to that. This group is the new Coke. Sort of a Maine light. The DU/CC "competition" is ill timed and set up to be a marketing failure.

Sorry Jordan but even though I think this will be a marketing failure and even though I believe it was a really stupid idea to advertise this fundraiser at last night's hockey game (Coombe actually got booed during his segment), I'm pretty sure that the University has raised more than $800.

DU may have alienated a lot of DU fans but there will be a few that actually like the new PC marketing approach. The new hockey program may leave a bad taste in my mouth but there will be some that think this is the way to go. Hell some may even think that the jackalope was a good idea.

dggoddard said...

Someone asked earlier about DU building a new indoor tennis facility.

The proposed Tennis Facility is still in the early stages. The Athletic Department would like all teams [except skiing] to have Division I level practice and competition facilities.

The Athletic Department is working with the Building and Grounds Committee for a tennis site (they are busy with new Engineering and Korbel buildings).

Ideally they want to build in campus, but land & space is an issue. They have looked to acquire land in close proximity as well, but that is not easy to obtain. The tennis facility could be run similar to Coors Fitness and HRGC with memberships, etc. to generate revenue. The other option would be to partner with a local park, but that has a lot of legal issues to resolve.

Top DU Athletics Fundraising Priorities:
Indoor Tennis Facility
Tuition Scholarship Endowments
Sports Medicine Room expansion
Position and Operational Endowments
Hockey and Lacrosse locker room renovations
Barton Stadium Expansion