DU's Injury Report From Monty's Press Conference

As the University of Denver hockey team departs for Alaska, the training room will be in heavy use while the team is away.

Garrett Allen suffered a lower extremity in practice yesterday and will not make trip to Alaska this weekend.

Freshman Evan Janssen is also out with a lower extremity injury. According To Mike Chambers of the Denver Post, he's expected to miss three weeks with a knee injury.  Likely this has to be very disappointing to Evan as he played junior hockey in Alaska in the NAHL in 2011-12.

Zac Larraza is still injured.

Emil Romig's NCAA "Euro-suspension" still has six games to run.

Nolan Zajac will continue to play at forward until several of the injured players return to the lineup.

There are only 21 eligible players to travel. Since this is a tournament, all three goalies can make the trip. The remaining 18 skaters will make the trip, including Wade Bennett who didn't dress last weekend.

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timt89 said...

I watched the press conference. Monty looks like a good blend of demanding but positive. It is going to be interesting to see how he manages thru all these injuries. So far, so good!