DU's Multicultural Mafia Moves From Boone To Columbus

(above) No word if the University of Denver will offer Revisionist History as major next year
Not content with just banning the Denver Boone mascot from receiving student organization funding, the "multicultural elite" at the University of Denver set their sights on the Christopher Columbus Day national holiday. Unfortunately, by the time DU's Undergraduate Student Senate got around to voting on the issue, Columbus Day 2013 had come and gone.

The DU Clarion provided all the juicy details.
On Tuesday Oct. 22, the DU Undergraduate Student Government (USG) voted unanimously to pass Resolution 12, which states that USG will recognize Indigenous People’s Day annually on the second Monday of October, the day commonly known as Columbus Day. The resolution further “strongly encourages” the university as a whole to include the term for the holiday on DU-affiliated calendars. 

Resolution 12, proposed by Arts and Humanities Senator Josh Wehe and on On-Campus Senator Kaitlyn Griffith, is an amended version of USG Resolution 10, which called on DU to “remove, in all its totality extending from university, Greek, or athletic calendars, any recognition of Columbus Day immediately.” The resolution proposed the alternate recognition of “Native People’s Day,” but was voted down in a majority vote by USG on Tuesday, Oct. 8 [Read entire article].


old pio said...
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old pio said...

White man speak forked tongue, Kemo Sabe.

8:16am said...

If all this PC BS continues, I'm sending my kids to CC..... This is getting ridiculous and is embarrassing.

Maybe DU should be concerned about the rising cost to attend the school, or the lost alumni donations that the school will likely be seeing in the next few years due to this hogwash.... ashame.