Chopp Talks Our Language

With her upcoming inauguration, Chancellor Chopp has had a whirlwind first year. Her priorities included introducing herself to the DU community, conducting listening tours, traveling on numerous alumni visits, and growing DU's endowments. What did she say was her greatest moment? The Founders Day event featuring Dan Ritchie? Expansion of the facilities for the Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science and the Josef Korbel School of International Studies? Creating the new strategic plan for DU? None of the above...
"Being in Philadelphia and watching Coach Tierney lead our team to victory was an absolute highlight of my first year as chancellor." Furthermore, she stated that the championship was a "return on years of investment building world-class programs at DU." With the changing landscape of D-1 athletics and big decisions which we will cover later, early signs are positive that the Chancellor understands the importance of D-1 athletics to the DU community and our brand locally, nationally, and internationally.

(Source: University of Denver Magazine, That Championship Season, Fall 2015)


Charles Dorison said...

Chancellor Rebecca is on the record stating that a well rounded education includes academics, athletics, and getting involved with the social aspects that are afforded to college students. I suspect she will always support intercollegiate athletics as long as we bring in quality student/athletes who graduate and give back to the community. It's also important that our coaches be of the highest quality teaching their sport as well as helping young people know what's important.
I just read a great article on about Harlem Lacrosse. It's being run by Swarthmore grads, her prior school.

DU WAG said...
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