LAUNCH - A New School Year Begins...

With the start of fall quarter, the blog has re-opened for students, alumni, and friends of DU to share their opinions on DU sports as well as issues of the day. Any blog is only as good as its contributors so we need you to share your  thoughts.  The 2015-2016 year is sure to bring us lots to talk about – a defending national champion lacrosse team, a nation championship runner-up  ski team, a hockey team on the rise, and a number of other mens' and womens' programs that made the NCAA playoffs.  Also, a few that didn’t.

No relaunch would be complete without recognizing Damien Goddard. He is one of DU's greatest supporters. He may have loaned out the keys of but we will continue to build on his desire to promote school spirit.

If you want to cheer on the athletic programs – do it! If you have suggestions on how to make DU better – make them!  If you like Colorado College – go somewhere else. If you are from North Dakota, you can't read this anyway. 

Tell your friends is open for business!


Anonymous said...

Good to have you back.

miller said...

Good to have the blog back. I am sure I am not alone when I say that I was having "blog withdrawal". I want to personally thank Damien for all he has done in the past several years. You sir are the MAN.

So I pulled up to a stop light the other day and there sat a guy in a Prius with CC license plates and a CC Hockey license plate holder. I yelled out the window 1957. His middle index finger immediately shot up in the air. I guess the banners at the World Arena are doing it for him.

Let the blogging begin!!

Shrambo said...

Glad to have you back, this was the best source for DU hockey a few years back, I've missed it every since. Let's go DU

Anonymous said...

Yay- Welcome back Let'sGo DU blog.

We missed you.

Some advice: The 3 keys to building site traffic is two-fold:

1) Be fresh. Post at least daily to keep up with new content so people get used to checking it every day. The more up-to-the minute you can be, the more reputable the blog becomes. This blog has some goodwill left over from Damien's hard work, but the blog will need to match his high work standard to regain what it once was.

2) Be provocative - The Blog can say things that other places can't, and it needs to stimulate. Damien was not only provocative but often very funny, too.

3) Use other social media to drive traffic to the site. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Yik Yak and others social media tools are vital for reaching the audience now. You can't be one dimensional, especially if you want the younger crowd.

Good luck!

Twister said...

I am fired up. Glad the blog is back up and running. Go Pioneers!!!