NCHC Invades Pre-Season Top Ten

The USCHO pre-season hockey poll released today places the Denver Pioneers in fifth position. Three other NCHC teams made the list to include Minnesota - Duluth, North Dakota, & Nebraska-Omaha. In a surprising twist, North Dakota (#4) slipped by the Pioneers who were favored to finish second in the conference by the writer's NCHC conference poll.

1.Boston College
3.Boston University
4.North Dakota
6.Minnesota State

While casual college hockey fans were awaiting the USCHO poll, the collegiate hockey world will be eagerly awaiting the LetsGoDU Super Polltm . This poll, utilizing a sophisticated predictive scoring methodology, is going to be released tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. MST.

Link to USCHO:,0928/september-28,-2015/


vizoroo said...

May we assume that strong DU bias is part of the scoring methodology? And that cc could finish no higher than 57?

5BWest said...

The program is trade-marked by DG. But, it looks like you helped him write the program.

Anonymous said...

DU gets games against a lot of the top teams this year, which helps the SOS and PWR come tourney time.

For me, the big DU question marks are:

1) Can DU get scoring from lines #2 and #3? We can't be a one line team.

2) With Plant, Butcher and Zajac, defense will be mobile and a bit small. Who will step up into the Didier hitter role? Hammond?

3) Q-Shore is the biggest question mark to me. He has to be better as a senior.