Postscript: Student-Athlete Unions

Blog Note: Another issue recently faced by college athletic directors was a push for unionization by football players at Northwestern. A law suit, filed by their quarterback Kain Colter, to form a players union was turned down by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on September 15th of this year when the NLRB "declined jurisdiction". Short term, this was a win for the universities because they will not have student-athlete employees.  A win by the players essentially would have been the end of amateurism in college athletics and opened up a pandoras box of issues for administrators, the NCAA, and even players.

The NLRB, in their summary judgement, left the door open to arguments from parties posing different arguments. Many analysts believe players, parents, and attorneys will continue to challenge the current system with other approaches, such as the antitrust laws, to drive a wedge between  the current system, universities, and student-athletes.

Source: The Daily Northwestern

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