Bad Boyz - Louisville Gets Caught with Their Pants Down

An escort hired by an assistant for the University of Louisville basketball team has written a tell all book. She claims to have received $10,000 from Andre McGee an assistant coach at the time. The 'professional' booster, Katina Powell, age 43, takes credit for the success of the team, She states in the book: “I felt like I was part of the recruitment team. A lot of them players went to Louisville because of me."

In the most surprising twist, it was noted that she provided her services, along with three of her daughters, to players and their dads. This explains the 'family feeling' around Louisville basketball.

Rick Pitino ($4.8 mil/yr.) stated, "I'm disheartened and disappointed."

Does this surprise anyone? 

Not really.


Dunker said...

Did Pitino know? Hope not. However, Rick did have a assistant watch the front door of a restaurant a few years ago so he could have sex with a woman in the kitchen.

Where did the assistant get the $10,000 cash to pay the hookers? Boosters?

Saddest part is Ms. Powell had her daughters do the work.

Louisville=Renegade program

Anonymous said...


vizoroo said...

Makes the UMass hockey players arrested for Noise violations and even the one for disorderly oonduct, punching a police car,hardly worth membership in the Bad Boyz.

BTW Minnesota's AD Teague, forced to resign because of sexual harassment, is certainly one of the Bad Boyz