CC -This all you got?

Pardon the poor quality, but this commercial was filmed by a CC fan off a TV. Apparently this is the first of a number of lame efforts to 'promote' CC Hockey.

The  ad has so little traction that it can only be seen by hand held cam quarter. It apparently ran in the CC market. And the hockey check? No wonder the Denver guy got the girl!

Then, the tiger mascot runs away...Broken nail?

Desperation in the Springs. Who knew that the Scotty Owens 'era' would be the high point?


miller said...

This is the best that they can produce? How pathetic. Be a Tiger...after this weekend they will be 0-6, is that what it means to be a Tiger? 57!

Anonymous said...

I just lost 18 seconds of my life.

Anonymous said...

2nd grade media project?

dggoddard said...

This what happens when your "Little Sister" takes a Communications course for three weeks in the Block System.