Crimson & Gold Show: Episode #3 - Homecoming/Franks

Student and LetsGoDU editor Nick Tremaroli takes you through a hugely successful Homecoming Week of DU sports. If you missed it, the week was magical. Magness Arena felt like old times - thanks to a GREAT student section!
  • The Podcast is dedicated to Homecoming & Jamie Franks 
  • This week's Pio highlights
  • Jamie Franks Interview - Soccer head coach of the undefeated & nationally ranked soccer Pioneers! Learn the secrets to their success.
  • A look ahead for DU sports
*Bonus feature: Nick works solo without a net and after 38 minutes of podcast excellence remains unscathed

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Podcast #3: Homecoming & Franks


Anonymous said...

Excellent interview with DU soccer coach Jamie Franks, Nick.

Having another top 10 team on campus is amazing. Hopefully, more fans will come out and see the Pio soccer team, and hopefully, we'll get an NCAA tourney game on campus.

vizoroo said...

#4 hard choice--directly preceding Josiah "The Body" Didier, three All American D-men--Donovan, Butler,and Skinner who also was a 2 time NCAA Champion.