Crimson & Gold Wins LetsGoDU Super Pub Survey in Rout!

Victorious Co-Owner Lenny Wawrzyniak, wearing crimson of course, stands in front of The Crimson & Gold tavern. Chris Potter is the other partner. They have owned the bar for two years.

The Crimson & Gold Tavern wins Best DU Watering Hole - LetsGoDU Super Pub Survey!

They may not have a roof-top bar. They may not have the cheapest hard liquor. They may not have the best parking or the fanciest kitchen. But, when it comes to Pioneer Spirit(s), Crimson & Gold has the hearts of the Pioneer faithful. With 40% of total vote and doubling the nearest competitor's vote count, C&G is the place to go for parched Pioneers.

They care about DU and it shows. Before you even step inside C&G you are greeted by a huge Pioneer wall mural featuring hockey, lacrosse, and rugby on the north-side of their building. Step inside and you are greeted by cheerful staff. Over the next six days, we will feature C&G as part of their big win.

Second place goes to Campus Lounge and third place The Pioneer! All the bars in our poll received votes.

Congratulations to owners Lenny & Chris at C&G and their fine team. Thanks for supporting the Pioneers!

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Anonymous said...

One of the greatest regrets about graduating over 15 years ago is that we never had a bar like C & G - so close to the athletic complex, DU-themed, solid food and geared to DU students. The building that houses C & G was, at that time, a bad Chinese restaurant that was always empty.

In our day, all we had three public options for drinking close to campus- had the alway-sticky-and-scuzzy Border, the student pub in the Driscoll Center with lukewarm 3.2 beer, and the biker-filled Stadium Inn, which was usually a little too scary for our Izod shirts...Honestly, the only drinking upside was the fraternity parties were often 'all-campus' and the school was a lot less uptight about drinking in general back then.

Today, DU students have several bars are their very own "DU bars" and their memories will be better for it.