DU Boots Zags 2-1

DU rebounded from a tough tie to IUPUI this past Saturday by defeating non-conference Gonzaga at CIBER Field Monday evening 2-1. The Pioneers jumped out to a 1-0 lead at half. They were tied in the second half by the Bulldogs but responded with a penalty kick goal to take the lead and hold on until the 90th minute.

The Pioneers RPI dropped to #12 following their tie to IUPUI. Gonzaga's RPI was 26 heading into the contest.

The Pioneers return to Summit play Saturday, October 10th at Oral Roberts in Tulsa. The Pioneers are a sterling 9-0-2 and undefeated on the season. Oral Roberts (4-4-1) has an RPI of 127 so the Pioneers must get a road win Saturday to gain momentum in the Summit League and maintain their top 20 status.


Anonymous said...

This DU team is good - very precise passing team that knows how to support each other all over the field.

They deserve bigger crowds - 500 people tonight on a Monday.

Dunker said...

We deserved the penalty kick, but really, I could have scored on the free kick from that distance.

Anonymous said...

Dunker--no, you couldn't. It's partly a guessing game, but it's not an easy thing to do, even for good players. And I have a strong suspicion from your comment that you haven't ever played soccer. As you might recall, the reason that DU tied the last game vs IUPIU (or whatever they are) was that DU missed a PK.

Nice win by DU, important rebound win after the disappointing tie last time out. Good to see them still in the top 10.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous rips Dunker. Good thing you're anonymous. In my mind, Dunker is one of the best natural athletes I've ever met.

Anonymous said...

Ha, I'm sure his athletic prowess is outstanding, but I stand by my point.