Epic Fail in Second "To Be A Tiger" CC Hockey Ad

Another in a series of very weak 'Be a Tiger' ads. This ad attempts to motivate the lethargic masses in the Springs to pull out some benjamins to see an inferior product. In this scintillating 10/15 second spot, the tiger mascot shoots a puck at a North Dakota fan. Of course, he misses, the puck breaks the camera lens, and the guy still has the girl. Then, the final cut shows the ND fan with a forehead injury from the puck? Huh?

Some things never change.

Can't they afford a 30-second spot? Advertising costs in the Springs have to be dirt cheap...massage parlors, pawn shops, and tattoo parlors. 

If the Nodaks had TV's - they would really be pissed!


Anonymous said...

Grade school film project. Sad to see such a precipitous fall for the Tigers. A couple of other slip-up and this nearly insignificant program will be totally irrelevant. Getting lit up again tonight.

Anonymous said...

Kind of bush league, I must say. CC is a good school academically, but their futility on ice and god-awful marketing department leave much to be desired. CC had a golden opportunity to end its national championship drought when they won 3 WCHA championships in a row back in the day. But they couldn't close the deal. They would absolutely love to have a hockey program like DU. The feeling on that point has never been mutual.