Know Your Foe: East Lansing Michigan Attraction Sent Packing

Many casual observers do not realize that our visitors for Homecoming are hiding a dark secret.

According to Michigan State University Museum Curator of History, Val Berryman, the Worlds Largest Hairball is no longer on display.

The “World’s Largest Hairball” has inspired numerous pilgrimages to the museum’s storage facility to view this natural phenomenon retrieved from the stomach of a cow. Originally displayed by the Animal Science Department in MSU’s Anthony Hall, it was transferred to the museum collections in 1985 but has been on display only a few times since. Visitors can learn why hairballs form and to discover why it is no longer the world’s largest.

Because there are limits to how often museum staff members can give individual tours (and how much visitors can actually stomach) the hairball may not be seen again for some time.

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Anonymous said...

This is amazing. What animal coughed that up?