Mascot Ousted After Viking Shakedown

Apparently, there is more to the story of the mysterious disappearance of Ragnar, the Viking's mascot as reported in a prior LetsGoDU article. Prior to this NFL season, Joe Juranitich who played Ragnar was paid $1,500 per game. During the football preseason this season, he was demanding an increase in pay to $20,000 per game! The Vikings balked and the two sides are at an impasse.

As of this writing, Denver Boone could not be reached to comment on his pay status.

Fox Sports Article

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Dunker said...

I wish Boone would be official. Then he could be a IRS tax write-off. I defend Boone in that he never shook-me down for money, at least overtly. Very cool customer that Boone, almost like a Mafia king-pin.