Replay Tuesday - 2015 - Berg Semi-Winner vs ND in OT

By popular request, we take you to lacrosse overtime vs. ND. After a furious comeback from the Irish in regulation, Denver delivers the knockout blow in OT. If you are a Pioneer sports fan, this is an unforgettable moment in Pioneer sports history. Enjoy.

Replay 2015 - Lax Semi OT Win vs. ND - Wes Berg


Anonymous said...

That was a special moment, especially since Sergio Perkovic almost destroyed the DU dream with that ND fourth quarter run in the final minutes.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that was awesome. I watched the game at Crimson & Gold. It was like the air was sucked out of the place as Perkovic scored time after time to tie it. But the DU defenseman made a great play in OT to get DU possession, Berg iced it after a sick move my Miller, and C & G was a very happy place. Much easier to say now in retrospect, but that semi vs. Notre Dame was the de facto championship game. Remarkable, too, because DU beat Notre Dame earlier in the season in OT by the same score in another thriller.

Anonymous said...

Carson Cannon was the DU defenseman who stripped the ball from Notre Dame's best player. Matt Kavanaugh. He needs to be remembered, because ND had all the momentum at that time, as DU had no answer for ND.

I was in the stadium in Philadelphia that day with about 1,000 other DU fans. It was a thunderous ovation when Berg uncorked that game-winner and all of us just started hugging everyone in Crimson and Gold. I think most of us felt that once DU got the title game, Maryland would not beat us.