Replay Wednesday - 2004 Championship 6 on 3 Nail Biter

This was one of the most tense championship games ever as the Pioneers took penalty after penalty in the final minutes against the Maine Blackbears in the 2004 title game. This still makes any Pioneer fan nervous! The off-ice players can't watch and Maine hammers two cross bar shots.

2004 Final Two Minutes - Maine - Denver


Anonymous said...

Nice replay. I was lucky enough to be there in Boston to see it. An amazing finish to that game--I couldn't believe how it went down. It still makes me cringe to see those shots clanging off the pipe, but at least I know how it ends now.

Puck Swami said...

I was also in Boston for this, and the last 90 seconds were almost surreal. I could see my heart beating against my sweatshirt, and I remember standing on my seat and falling through it after jumping up and down when we won it. DG was there to lead us in his Toga, and Chancellor Ritchie was there to buy all the fans a drink back at the hotel when the team arrived for the post-game celebration.

One of the proudest nights of my life, and for us old farts, a long time coming.