Wanna' Get Your DU On? Take a Chapter from the DU Book

LetsGoDU is all about sports and having fun. DU has chapters across the country to keep you connected. If you can't make it to this year's homecoming, look for a local chapter near you (link below). Watch parties, DU games, and pro-sports are usually on their calendar as well as cultural and family activities.

Send us pics of your local get-togethers, especially sports, and send them to letsgodu@gmail.com and we'll post them. Also, our athletic teams love to see crimson & gold in the stands when they travel around the country.

(Note: Boston Chapter - The boys are coming your way to play BC and BU at then end of the month - so get your tix and make some noise!)

Chapters Near You


Dunker said...

Let's get something going in Boston for end of the month hockey. Step up Boston Chapter!!

Anonymous said...

Boston Alumni Chapter Leaders:

Dan Benson (BSBA '71)
Rachel Coughlin (BA '09)
Doug Finn (BA '09)

Dunker said...

Benson no longer involved. I spoke to someone at the Chapter who said plans still being finalized for Halloween weekend. First thing they should do is send Boone round trip airline tickets. Boone is huge in Boston.