Minuteman on the Clock?

Some UMass Amherst students according to a recently published report seek to dump the University seal and mascot because, according to student organizer Charlotte Kelly, the seal - depicting a Native American holding tools - is offensive. “We do live in occupied, colonized land,” says Kelly. “This land had been a part of indigenous communities before it became the University of Massachusetts. And for us to be capitalizing and using a Native American figure as our seal seems really hurtful and violent.”

Caught in the cross-fire is the UMass mascot, Sam the Minuteman. He is a problem, too according to Kelly. The Minuteman athletic mascot has its own problems related to colonization — and gender.

A bold UMass Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy, in response to recent country-wide university unrest, is holding a series of “campus listening sessions” to hear student concerns and to solicit suggestions for improving the climate at the university.

Sounds familiar, no?


Anonymous said...

The day UMass abandons the Minutemen, who bravely stood on Concord Bridge and turned back the British assault in the first victory of the American Revolution, will be a very sad day for America,

5BWest said...

While it can be fairly argued that Native American images have been misused, this is one of the few attacks on a mascot unrelated to the Native American images since DU faced a similar attack on Denver Boone. I expect that there will be a number of alums and students at UMass that will 'hold the line' and save Minuteman. Let's hope.